24 Track Alesis HD-24 Recording *
  • On-Location Live Recording
  • Studio Factility FINALLY Under-Construction !!
  • Live Audio Mixing to Video
  • Experienced Engineers
  • Studio Quality Signal Processing
  • Studio Quality Microphones

24 Track PreSonus Recording System

  • State-of-the-Art Digital Mixer & Interface
  • Great On-Location, or In-Studio Recordings
  • 24 Quality Mic Pre-Amps
  • Each Input Has Gating, Compression, Limiting
  • 4-Band Fully Parametric EQs on Each In and Out
  • 10 Aux Mixes + 2 Internal Effects Auxes
  • Powerful Digital Effects Processors Built-In

24 Track Pro-Tools LE Recording System

  • 16-In / 16-Out / 24-Track Mix Capability
  • Powerful Digital Recording & Editing
  • Industry Standard Post-Production
  • Unmatched Editing Capabilities
  • Powerful Digital Processing Plug-ins

Audio System Installation

  • Complete PA Systems for Live Production & Recording
  • Churches & Schools a Specialty
  • Institutional & Commercial Music/Paging Systems
  • Assessment of Present & Future Needs
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Strategic Long-Range Spending
  • Budgeting Advice

Audio System Rentals

  • Professional PA Systems with Technicians for Hire
  • Tour-Caliber Speakers, Amps, Mics, & Mixers
  • Scaleable Systems to Fit Your Event Requirements
  • Small Self-Contained Systems For Smaller Needs
  • Systems Available from 400-watts to 15,000-WATTS
  • Systems Available from 8-channels to 32-channels*
    *without cascading mixers together, over 136 mixer channels in all

Short-run CD Duplication

  • Duplicate Your Finished CD
  • On-Disc Full-Color Printing
  • Convert Your non-copyrighted Material to CD
  • Convert Your Audio to MP3

Studio Musician Services

  • Large Network of Talented Experienced Musicians
  • Guitarists
  • Bassists
  • Keyboardists
  • Drummers
  • & More

*Up to 72-tracks of HD24 & ADAT available on request

e-mail us your questions

If interested in PA Rental, please contact us with your date and venue information.
To download a partial equipment list (in pdf form), please click here>

Or Visit the PA Page for more Details

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