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Foote Stompin Drums
Foote Stompin Drums

Looking for drums, guitars? Let store owner Dave Foote help you find the instrument to fit your style and your budget. Get service with a smile and unbelievable prices! Dave's the real deal, listen and learn!
  • Drums
  • Percussion
  • Cymbals
  • Guitars
  • Strings and Accessories

Strattanville Computer
Strattanville Computer
Let Strattanville Computer build a custom computer for your specific needs. Whether you want a simple, stable computer for surfing the Internet and typing up those documents, a high-end gaming system, or something spec'ed to a specific application. Strattanville Computer can build it for you. They hand-pick each brand-name part to ensure each and every computer is of the highest quality and will provide the performance you need for years to come.

The Wrangler Band
The Wrangler Band

The Wrangler Band is a high energy country-rock band from western Pennsylvania. The band plays a variety of music ranging from today's top 40 country hits to yesterday's 80's classics and classic rock. Bring your family out for an evening of music and fun and don't forget to stop by and say, "Hello!" We love talking to our fans.

Ravengal Graphics
Ravengal Graphics

Distinctive Design

Ravengal Graphics offers a full range of distinctive graphic design services to keep you on track, on time, and on budget.

Great friend and great graphic designer, Gary Smith.

Pork McElhinny
Pork McElhinny Guitar Man CD

Funny name ... SERIOUSLY TALENTED! One of the most promising musical talents to come out of this area in a long time. Left us to pursue the dream in Nashville a couple years ago and is quickly carving a niche for himself as a songwriter and performer on Broadway
( the Nashville Broadway - not that fruity NY kinda Broadway! ) Another great friend I'm glad I get to make music with from time to time



This site is in need of some new content, so I'll be working on updating these pages soon. I've been so busy 'doing' I haven't had much time to 'reflect and report', but I'll be making an effort to give this site some fresh content over the coming weeks & months.

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