Sound System Installations
  • Audio Mixers
  • Speakers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Signal Processing
  • Mics & Mic Stands
  • CD Players & Recorders
  • Cables & Connectors

Sound System Training

  • Basic to Advanced Training Available
  • Every Install Includes Training Session(s)

Video Projector Installation

  • Projector & Projector Ceiling Mounts
  • Projector & Screen Calculations
  • Interfaces / Splitters / Scalers / Baluns / Cables

Video Screen Installation

  • 4:3 Standard Format Projection Screens
  • 16:9 Widescreen Projection Screens
  • Front Projection & Rear Projection Screens
  • Customized to Your Size Requirements
  • Motorized Screens w/ Wired & Wireless Controls

MediaShout Presentation Software

  • Powerful Worship Presentation Software
  • Media Savvy and Designed Specifically for Church Use
  • Pre-Loaded with Dozens of Bibles

Stage & Theatrical Lighting

  • Lighting Consoles
  • Portable or Rackmount Dimmers
  • DMX Light Controllers & Dimmers
  • PAR Cans, Ellipsoidials, Fresnels
  • LED Stage & Effect Lighting
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Here are some of the projects we've been working on lately.

Click on images to see the model of the proposed work and the end-results.

Hawk Pro Media Installation Model - ZPV Zion Church's New Sanctuary - Petroleum Valley - Karns City, PA
<<click on graphic to see images of the finished project>>
Treasure Lake Church - Model Top View Tri-County Church's Youth Room - Main Campus DuBois, PA
<<click on graphic to see images of the finished project>>
Treasure Lake Church - Model Top View Treasure Lake Church's New Sanctuary - DuBois, PA
<<click on graphic to see images of the finished project>>
Immaculate Conception Church - Model Top View Immaculate Conception Church -Clarion, PA
<<click on graphic to see images of the finished project>>
First United Methodist Church - St. Marys, PA
<<click on graphic to see images of the finished project>>

AUDIO INSTALLATION: Equipment Lines Information

As an independent sound contractor, Hawk Pro Media has a distinct advantage over most other music stores. We can recommend the equipment that's right for you - rather than just trying to sell you something from our inventory. When buying audio equipment for your church, school, or commercial application consider Hawk Pro Media for a fair unbiased proposal that puts your best interest first. We'll provide you with the best equipment that your budget will allow, regardless of profitability. We don't think you should ever have to settle for less!


There is no one-size-fits-all sound or video system, so we have a process we like to go through. Here's what to expect from Hawk Pro Media during the early phases of your project.

STEP ONE: We want to meet you! By meeting you in-person at the installation site, and listening to your ideas and technical concerns, we can get a much clearer plan of how to best serve you.

During this meeting we want to hear about:

  • How you're currently using A/V technology
  • The short-comings of your current system, if any
  • Any issues that you may be having with your current system
  • Your plans for the future

If you're experiencing technical problems with your current audio system or video system, it may be something that can be corrected. We want you to be good stewards of your money. We encourage you to spend wisely, spend strategically, and spend once - rather than 'throwing good money after bad' on half-measures. In the long run, it's much less expensive to buy good equipment a little at a time, rather than a low-grade system that will never measure up to your expectations. If there are acceptable areas you can cut costs, we will tell you. If we can save you the expense of buying new equipment by re-working or re-wiring your current system - that's what we want to do. We don't want you to spend any more than you have to.

During this initial meeting we will definitely be taking notes, and we may take measurements and photographs of the room to help with STEP TWO.

STEP TWO: A written proposal. After the intial meeting if you decide to move forward with a proposal, we will create a computer model of your auditorium or sanctuary. The measurements and photographs we've taken will help us develop an accurate 3D walkthrough model of your room. This allows us to calculate optimum angles and positions of the equipment to be installed.

The written proposal will provide several views from the 3D model to help you and your committee visualize the work we plan to do - and the position of the equipment involved. Before the first wire is run and the first component is mounted, we will have a plan on paper so there are no surprises. Being able to visualze the whole system top to bottom not only gives us a workable plan of attack, it also gives us a much more accurate method of anticipating problems and providing your written quote.

STEP THREE: The installation will begin on a schedule that suits your weekly schedule. Most major church projects will begin on a Monday after all materials have arrived. Leaving you with a mess, or a half-completed system for your Sunday morning service(s) is unacceptable. We do not punch the time-clock and go home when there's work that needs completed. If you have a mid-week service, or other activities planned we will make every effort to coordinate your calendar with our work-schedule. If this is a new-build or major remodel, we will try to work with your building contractors to get our work done without interfering with their busy schedule. Coming in at the right times in the construction process also gives us the most opportunities to hide wiring and pre-mount any structural bracing we may need for safety.

STEP FOUR: Expect the unexpected. Often times buildings (especially old churches) will have unseen, unknown design anomalies that won't become apparent until we're started - which may cause some deviation from the original plan. We have to consider safety first and foremost, and if at any time during an installation we are not 100% confident that the structure we're mounting to can provide a high-safety factor - we absolutely will not attach anything to that structure.

New buildings are much easier in many ways, but can still present a variety of problems. Ductwork, sprinklers systems, lighting, fans - don't always show up on the first draft of blueprints. If we're involved in the planning stages we can tell you what provisions will need to be made for a successful A/V install. We will work hand-in-hand with your committee, and your architect, contractors, electricians to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

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