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AUDIO INSTALLATION: Equipment Lines Information

As an independent sound contractor, Hawk Pro Media has a distinct advantage over most other music stores. We can recommend the equipment that's right for you - rather than just trying to sell you something from our inventory. When buying audio equipment for your church, school, or commercial application consider Hawk Pro Media for a fair unbiased proposal that puts your best interest first. We'll provide you with the best equipment that your budget will allow, regardless of profitability. We don't think you should ever have to settle for less!

RECORDING ORG ROCKS! - Win a PROXIMA Pre Amp/Compressor This Christmas 2009
Recording.org is the best online forum for musicians, sound geeks, and recording enthusiasts of all levels.
Find answers to your technical and artistic questions, get opinions on your band's demo, learn about studio construction, soundproofing and acoustics all at one information packed website. AND IT'S ALL FREE!!